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“Building new worlds and creating new stories”.

Investing in TTAP is investing in the development of Caribbean animation.
Even though the Caribbean Animation industry is in its embryonic stage. The Caribbean animation sector has much to offer:


Investment Benefits


Cost Advantage:
TTAP provides competitive pricing for this industry.


Strong academic-government collaboration:
Certificate, diploma, and degree programmes at the University of Trinidad and Tobago and the Retraining programme of the Ministry of Education. This includes 2D animation, 3D animation game art and experiential technologies. These programmes have produced over three hundred (300) graduates to date.


Technological support for the industry:
(Robust fibre and copper networks, wireless technologies, radio; Digital fibre optic backbone network (FOBN); Nationwide radio microwave terrestrial network; Next generation networks (NGN), it is characterised using Internet Protocol (IP), Multi-Protocol Switching (MPLS) and Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM).

How much does it cost to do animation production?

Animation production varies depending on the job request. Yes, having a rate sheet with all our services would be fantastic, but a fixed price creates boundaries for you and us; therefore, each project is treated differently and carefully.

Variables like style, duration, deadline, production type and exploitation fields are crucial when estimating a budget.

So, upload your information via our TTAP form.

Let’s make your ideas a reality.

What’s the average turnaround time?

The final turnaround depends on the duration of the project, the style, and the technique. The process consists of multiple stages, of which TTAP has created a solid production methodology. This methodology is shared with our clients to ensure efficiency and consistency.

How long has TTAP been established?

TTAP has been in the making for over a decade and was official launch in 2018. Over the years, several budding animators were trained through the TTAP Studio. Today, the company has established several relationships with international studios and has worked on various esteemed projects worldwide. The studio is one of the Caribbean’s first fully functioning fund outsourcing studio. TTAP is positioned as a model studio officially recognised as a centre of excellence by Toon Boom Harmony Inc.