TTAP is a design-driven and highly creative animation production company that thrives on creating and showcasing local talent. The company is the home of the largest group of young animators in our region, and we pride ourselves in bringing together the right animators to make your ideas a reality.
The team comprises executive management, expert supporters and our team of in-house animators, illustrators, and game designers trained internationally to handle any animation production. With each project, we create a team led in one direction to see your project from concept to completion.



Camille Abrahams

Camille Abrahams is an award-winning digital media expert specialising in animation and new media.

Joan Vogelesang

Business Development and International Client Engagement Management consultant at TTAP Factory.

Curtis James

Mr Curtis James, Assistant Vice President of Finance at The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), serves as the Commercial Advisor at TTAP Factory


Kayden James

Kayden James, senior animator at TTAP Factory. Where imagination dances! Dream, create, enchant.

Renelle Williams

Renelle Williams, senior animator at TTAP Factory. Enthusiastic and innovative, relishes in the opportunity to create multimedia content tailored towards entertainment, advertising, education, tourism, and promoting art & culture.

Stefon Thomas

Stefon Thomas, senior animator at TTAP Factory. Regular dude with an eye for design. 2D Animation and Illustrations occasionally dabble in 3D.

Clivia Vialva

Clivia Vialva, senior animator at TTAP. With each frame, embrace the limitless possibilities of creativity, inspired to dream beyond the imaginable.

Njideka “NJ” Duke

Animator, character builder, and illustrator. Combines knowledge gained through her studies at Algonquin College with the unique flair of a Trinibagonian to assist the team in bringing their projects to life.

Anika Ramcharita

Anika Ramcharita, production administrator at TTAP Factory. Motivated with a wealth of knowledge gained in the Animation field. Proven Administrative, Human Resource and Accounting Assistant skills. Excellent communication and people skills with extensive strategic planning capabilities.

Astra De Suza-La Pierre

Astra De Suza-La Pierre, production supervisor at TTAP Factory. People-oriented, diligent and self-determine with a passion for culture and creativity. Experience in Animation Production, Marketing and Promotions, Administration, and Business Management.


Wendy Fitzwilliam

Legal Advisor, Business Development and Marketing Consultant

Brad Schiff

Animation Director LAIKA Studios Oregon

Bruce Smith

Animation director currently at Warner Brothers Animation L.A

Hugo Sands

Executive producer, Framestore Animation UK

Jamaal Bradley

Animation & video game director at Walt Disney Animation Studio, DreamWorks & Sony Animations

Gordon Durity

Trinidad Born Executive Audio Director at Electronic Arts (EA Studios) California USA