About the

The UTT’s TTAP Factory is an outsourcing centre for audio-visual digital services for the entertainment and ICT sectors located on the tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago.
With support from the Inter-American Development Bank, this Hub is an all-encompassing environment that provides services in animation, game art, music technology and VFX for film. The studio is designed to provide a gateway, shared workspace and community that connects young AGMT sector professionals with commercial opportunities, continuous upskilling and access to equipment and technology.
“At TTAP, we aim to shape and help tell our Caribbean stories through the eyes of animation whilst meeting the demands of all our clients”.


TTAP Factory was established to catalyse the commercial development of the Animation, Gaming and Music Technology (AGMT) sector to service international clients via establishing an AGMT Hub.
We pride ourselves in the following:

Providing industry standard and quality animation training that helps increase the Caribbean’s animation capacity.

Creating a creative space stimulates and empowers animators and provides a safe place for learning-impaired creatives.

To provide quality service to our clientele and exceed the existing brand & market value for more sustainable growth

University of
Trinidad & Tobago

UTT’s primary focus is on the development of Trinidad and Tobago. With its genesis in the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Technology (TTIT), UTT initially focused on programmes in engineering and technology. Today’s programmes go beyond engineering and technology to a fuller spectrum of educational opportunities where experiential learning programmes are incorporated into the traditional learning environment. Alternative avenues are also provided for persons to enter, exit, and re-enter tertiary education. This kind of flexibility and integration within programmes, together with UTT’s leadership position in sector-driven research and innovative teaching methodologies, directly responds to twenty first-century global trends.

Development Bank

IDB Lab, the innovation lab of the IDB Group, has approved a grant for the University of Trinidad and Tobago to catalyse the expansion of animation services. The global animation market was valued at US $354.7 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach US $642.5 billion by 2030. Over the years, UTT has trained and certified over 250 graduates through its Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Arts (with specialisations in Animation, Music Technology & Game Art). Several local studios and even individual freelancers have secured international contracts for animation.
UTT’s TTAP partnership with IDB Lab aims to establish and develop an animation production hub where animators can access the best technology and benefit from ongoing skills upgrades, marketing support and international industry connections required to expand export.